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An interview with naked newcomer Kirk Gauguin


Freshmen : Kirk Gauguin illustrates the difficulty we have coming up with appropriate and useable names for these boys. As he reminded us of Kirk Douglas and Paul Gauguin, company owner George Duroy recklessly combined the two to come up with Kirk Gauguin. The problem? Czech boys find the word “Kirk” unpronounceable. The dilemma is that Kirk has already shot quite a bit of material with a name he detests. Because of this, we are tempted to change it to something else and ask for your help. If we went logically with a Polynesian name, we could call him Kavi which means youthful beauty. Another option is Keanu which means chill breeze. A third option is Kekoa, which means courageous. All three names are perfect descriptors of Kirk.

Watch the full interview with Freshmen newbie Kirk Gauguin


Date: October 10, 2017
Actors: Kirk Gauguin