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Cum Pig Men: Savouring the Loads


Cum Pig Men : After some gym time, I hook up with Kinsey Wit; this twink has a long-ass cock. Choking down what I can, he loves to dominate a sucker like me. Attending to both his frank and beans, I take care of his junk until he’s ready to shoot, right into my mouth. The next day, Ryan Keene texts me to come have some fun with Michael Jameson and himself. As Michael and I make ourselves comfy, Ryan bobs back and forth; he asks if I feel lucky. Once his warm mouth starts to work on our cock, I’d say we’re all winners, cumming out a head, or two. Andrew Collins is a great model in this Cum Pig Men compilation; he likes to give and receive with all the twinks.

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Date: October 17, 2017