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Dudes Raw: Ray Dalton barebacks Chrisbot


Dudes Raw : The last time I knocked on Chrisbot’s door, the boy blew me; today I’m back to get me some raw boy butt. Feeling Chrisbot’s talented mouth wrapped around my cock, I can’t wait to stretch him wide. Pushing the boy up against the shower wall, I wet his hole and pop in; shit that ass is tight, and welcoming. Working to accommodate my cock, Chrisbot is a sweet piece of meat; I go ’til I blow and reinsert to keep his hole warm and sloppy. Ray Dalton is one hell of a daddy on One look at his partner’s hole and this thick top is ready to fuck.

Watch Ray Dalton bareback Chrisbot at Dudes Raw


Date: October 17, 2017
Actors: Chrisbot / Ray Dalton