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Lorenzo and Jacob Marteny in a raw flip-fuck


Chaosmen : For Monster Cock week Chaosmen is always looking for bigger cocks to showcase and often this week is filled with a lot of solos and Serviced videos. The Extra-Butt-Stuffing Marathon in November is more about giving you guys more full-sex shoots. But I got extra lucky with Jacob Marteny who already had done adult video. With his experience I thought we could add even more fucking action to this week, and bypassed a Serviced video with him. Lorenzo was of course ready for anything. He toys with Jacob’s big cock, truly relishing trying to get it down his throat. They suck each other’s cocks and then Lorenzo turns the table and shoves his cock inside of Jacob. Lorenzo gets a rhythm going and the next thing you know Jacob is busting his nut. He tries hard to hold it back, but then decides he has to jerk his load out. After that, Jacob needed a break from being fucked. He was still pretty hard, so Lorenzo rides his cock like a pro. Lorenzo stops and cleans his cock and that got Jacob back to fully hard. Jacob gets Lorenzo on his back and fucks him aggressively. His cock is totally engorged and hitting Lorenzo in all the right places. Lorenzo easily busts his load from the ass-ramming. Jacob shoots his second load of the day on and in Lorenzo’s hole!

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Date: October 28, 2017