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Titan Men: Dakota Rivers fucks Dallas Steele


As he watches Tex fuck the cum out of Micah, voyeur Dallas Steele is joined by fellow stroker Dakota Rivers. “I’m not done yet,” smiles Dallas, sitting on the desk – his huge boner tempting Dakota, who engulfs it. The hungry Dallas wants a taste, kissing Dakota before devouring his big dick and swallowing his balls. Dallas sits on it, moaning as he rides – and stroking his steel shaft (“Right there…fuck that hole!”). The two take turns driving, Dallas’s massive quads getting a workout as he slides up and down. On the table, the bottom’s knob gets red hot as Dakota’s dick disappears inside his hole – and soon shoots a big wad all over Dallas’s big sweaty nuts.

Watch Dakota Rivers fuck Dallas Steele at Titan Men


Date: October 11, 2017