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8teenboy: Jimmy Andrews & Devin Lewis flip-fuck


Young and tender, tasty delights Devin Lewis and Jimmy Andrews are sexing up an already hot jacuzzi and turning it into a boiling blowjob batch of chicken soup! After the outdoor dick fest, our chicken tenders turn up the heat even more and get super pervy in the privacy of their hotel room. After Lewis licks some more dick he climbs on Andrews dirty blond boy boner for a bareback butt blast. The boys suck face while Jimmy jams his jock up inside Lewis’s love canal and spanks Devin’s dick for him as he does. This kid can multitask! Devin’s dynamic dick is to perfect not to be put to use and Andrews ass is in desperate need of a flip-flop filling. The dirty blond bottom is raging hard, stroking his thick dick the entire time while being split down in middle. The guys flip once more when Jimmy discovers the mirror in their room, and now the boy is giving you a show baby! He peacocks like a motha fucka, putting himself and Devin in the sexiest most flattering fuck positions while watching himself work. Their tight teen bodies pump and ripple as Lewis launches a lusty nut rocket that slides deep into one of the cuts in his chiseled abs. The sexy sight is too much for Jimmy who jumps up to give Devin a hot, steamy facial. Then Andrews kisses the kid, tasting his delicious wank work as he does.

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Date: November 3, 2017