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Avery Alexander and Syncere Whyte fuck RAW


Avery has been in Chicago a few days visiting from LA. He’s done all that he needed to do and feels its time that he treats himself to a little fun. So Avery reaches out to an old fling that he normally hooks up with when he’s in town, Syncere. Now they had previously spoken about getting up, but Avery told Syncere that it would have to be after he handled his business. Syncere finally responded back to Avery, but with a little frustration because Avery was blowing his phone up. Syncere makes it to Avery’s hotel room and sees that Avery has been waiting patiently for him. Syncere starts trying to explain things to Avery about calling him, but Avery isn’t hearing that shit. If he’s paying top dollar for Synceres time, then he feels that he should get the dick when he’s ready. So Avery told Syncere to talk and get out of his clothes. He was craving that big raw cock in his pretty little ass.

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Date: November 7, 2017