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Bulldog Pit: Haigan Sence fucks Austin Perry


Bored out of their minds, Austin Perry and Haigan Sence decided to pass the time with a game of poker. But Haigan is a far better player. Either that or pretty boy Austin was badly distracted by horned up Haigan. All we know is that when Austin couldn’t pay up, Haigan took it out in other ways. Austin got to his knees immediately to suck Haigan’s hard uncut cock. Only, Haigan wanted more. He’d had his eyes on Austin’s ass and Haigan was determined to pop that sweet ass. Turns out Austin wanted dick almost as badly as Haigan wanted a tight hole to fuck. We think Austin threw the hand on purpose. Haigan stood Austin up to show the 6’4″ hunk how it was going to go down. Austin stroked himself while Haigan stuffed his uncut piece into that hungry hole. The deeper Haigan went, the harder Austin grew. Haigan turned up the heat with Austin on his back, legs up in the air. Haigan fucked like a battering ram, slamming his cock home repeatedly. Austin fired off a huge load followed by Haigan who drenched Austin further.

Watch Haigan Sence fuck Austin Perry at Bulldog Pit


Date: November 1, 2017