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Young Dutch hunk Tommy Skylar fucks Koby Lewis


We knew the passion between these two handsome and horny guys would be off the charts, and we weren’t wrong. From the moment Koby Lewis and Tommy Skylar were in the room they were kissing and groping, soon sucking on those hooded and hard cocks, tasting the precum oozing from each other. When they got into a 69 the guys had to pause to stop themselves from flooding each other’s mouths with cum, that was a good sign that the fucking was gonna be great! And boy was it. When Koby starts riding his new buddy doesn’t hold back, pummeling his raging dick up into that hole so hard his balls are slapping everywhere! Things get even hotter when Tommy gets his friend on his back, pounding his cock into him and making Koby unleash his cream all over himself, finishing shortly after with a sweaty Tommy dousing his abs with cream. Phew, that was one hell of a ride and we’re tempted to get them back together for an encore!

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Date: November 23, 2017