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GayHoopla: Trevor Brown solo


The world of GayHoopla is put on full display here. While Bradley Whitman and Derek Jones await the arrival of Trevor Brown on set, they look at the HUGE array of Butt Plugs by the dish washer and discuss which is their favorite. (For the record, Bradley likes to start small and work up, Derek just goes for the big one). That’s when Trevor Brown appears. “I’m SUPER horny,” he announces. “I was hard all last night and thinking about this, but I had to wait to Jack Off.” We got a winner if he can’t wait to jerk off for us. This is gonna be fun. We get the guys to workout a bit first… show off the abs, pecs and his huge shoulders. Bradley does it a bit different, he starts with Yoga showing off his Downward Dog position. Trevor isn’t shy at all and Derek knows it. He gets him to strip naked and do some naked handstand push-ups and stretches so we can see what an amazing bubble butt he’s got. And what kind of naked workout doesn’t have naked jumping jacks? After a quick post-workout shower, Derek brings Trevor into the living room where “I got a surprise for you.” A bottle of lube and three but plugs are waiting for him and you can tell how excited he is to get going. This young man likes it in his perfectly-shaped butt. Trevor has just a bit of blond hair on his asshole. While he shoves those plugs into his hole, his dick starts to grow a bit and Derek can’t help himself but to give his ass a bit of a spank. One of the hottest things about this video is the way that Derek and Trevor talk with each other. “How many times a week do you play with your ass?” Derek asks. “Only about once a week” Trevor answers with a laugh. Trevor’s body is perfect. That amazingly proportioned display of muscles and his handsome face and that sheepish smile. The best thing is that he knows it and loves to show it off, but he’s still got that “Aw shucks” innocent style that’ll make you love him even more. Once he’s on his back and jerking his dick, it swells to full, thick size. “I wish someone’s mouth was right here… or an ass to put it in” he says while he plays with it. Trevor’s bubble butt flexes and pulses while he pumps his dick harder and harder. We get some great angles of Trevor’s balls, cock and hairy ass crack. With the super-closeups, You can almost taste it. Trevor’s dick surges to full stiffness and he squirts a thick load of cum onto his abs. Derek says “you’re not a man unless you’ve” tasted your own cum… so he gets his first takes of his own cum. Trevor doesn’t want to put a label on his sexual orientation but he says he “likes to fuck guys.” He also tells us that he recently got rimmed for the first time and he thought he could cum from that alone. Like usual, we’re throwing in a bit of behind-the-scenes fun at the end with Trevor washing his butt plugs. One last look and we find out that Trevor has already shot a hardcore scene with Bradley. Can’t wait to see it.

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Date: November 17, 2017
Actors: Trevor Brown