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How to convince a guy to have sex with a man


This guy looked kind of burned out. He was almost annoyed to be at my office. And I tried to be so nice to him! Apparently he had a big problem with women. He always ended up having an affair with co-workers, sometimes even with wives of his supervisors. As you can imagine, it got him in all sorts of trouble. Now he wanted to start a new life, away from women ideally. He wanted to travel around the world. He figured out that a truck driver job would combine those two things nicely. Now, how to convince a womanizer to have sex with a man… Through money of course. It was not cheap. He had insane demands. He probably got sucked so many times he learned the technique. He was simply incredible. I couldn’t wait to test other parts of his lean body.

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Date: November 8, 2017