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Men At Play: Hugo Castellano fucks Dani Robles


Let’s face it—the best sex is secret sex. The smoking hot guy you’re desperate to fuck you crazy, though you’re not quite ready to introduce to friends and coworkers. Or, as in the case of Dani Robles and Hugo Castellano, the coworker you can’t let anyone else at work know you’re screwing. It’s Down N Dirty.

Secret fuckers have few options. Dani and Hugo—both stylish in suits and fit their physiques—opt for a warehouse where they work. Once they both arrive, it takes no time for them to get down to rough kissing and sloppy blowjobs. Hugo sports one of MAP’s largest cocks. Dani, a pro when it comes to big dicks, has no problem deep throating Hugo’s meat. Then it’s Hugo’s turn to thrust and swirl his tongue up Dani’s gaping hole. He practically buries his face in Dani’s taut ass.

When they start to fuck, Dani is in complete control. A bottom slut with no boundaries, Dani takes Hugo’s thick inches standing and on top. You’ll love to watch Dani ride Hugo’s stiff cock; he takes full control, and when Hugo is ready to come, alpha-bottom Dani won’t let him. Instead, he slaps another condom on Hugo and goes for another ride before busting his own geyser of cum.

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Date: November 16, 2017