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JapanBoyz: Asian twinks Keiji and Fuji fuck


Wear it Proud: Being gay is just part of my life; I enjoy boys and sometimes watch JapanBoyz to see the models. Keiji caught my eye; he’s really quiet, but very sexy. I texted him to see if he wanted to come over. Within a few hours, we are both in bed, kissing. His soft skin is a pleasure to touch and smell. Sucking and playing with each other’s dicks, I also use a toy to explore. Eating Keiji’s ass is like eating candy; my cock throbs as I rim and finger him. Once I work up to a couple of fingers, I know I will fit, and he rides atop. Slow at first, he then bounces on my dick as I grab onto his beautiful body. I only have him in two different positions; his ass is so tight, he soon has me blowing my load. Stroking him off, my “magic hands” have him releasing fast as well. We both agree, this was fun. Fuji is such a hot twink; our models have been “answering his texts” daily.

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Date: November 28, 2017
Actors: Fuji / Keiji