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Twinks in Shorts: Gordon Grant and Patrik Crumble


At a warm and inviting local day spa, Gordon Grant awaits his first client of the day. But first, a few words about this hot, amazing hunk. Short and compact, the beefy muscled hunk has an appealing boyish face but don’t let that fool you. Gordon is a powerhouse and looks terrific in or out of clothes. So, for those of you who are into muscle, this hunk’s got it all. As Patrick Crumble is about to find out. The sweet and innocent looking twink is ready to be worked on and gives up control for Gordon to do what he needs to do. His hand slippery with oil, Gordon works Patrik’s sexy young body, going as far as to rub oil on his own chest to make it easier when he needs to press down and apply more pressure. There’s only one problem. Patrik’s little orange shorts with yellow piping are tight and distracting, promising a world of meaty rounded wonder in the form of Patrik’s hot plump ass. What else can a massage hunk like Gordon do except climb on top of the willing, pliable twink, then remove his shorts? And as Gordon gives Patrik’s unique cock the attention it deserves, one can’t help but wonder. Would one prefer to be Patrik? Or would one prefer to be Gordon? Which would you prefer?

Watch Gordon Grant work Patrik Crumble’s cock at Twinks in Shorts


Date: November 13, 2017