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Twinks in Shorts: Jay Sheen & Diego Alvaros


The day spa where Diego Alvaros works is brand spanking new. In fact, it’s his first day and he’s ready to work on his first client, Jay Sheen. Diego instructs Jay to get on the table, face down, and immediately gets to work. He pours massage oil all over Jay’s back. Then, his hands slippery with oil, Diego starts to run his hands up and down, on either side of Jay’s spine. You can just imagine how smooth it must feel to touch such a slender twink. With his face in the rest hole, Jay enjoys the exchange of energy and the feel of Diego’s hands on his fresh, lithe body. Once the shorts come off, Diego has full access to Jay, massage not just back and legs but his glutes as well. And trust us when we say there’s nothing more stress relieving, or boner inducing, as a sexy guy stroking your ass, pressing in to work out sore muscles. It’s a slow, sensual massage and Diego takes charge of Jay, touching and stroking all the intimate spots, the ones that make the twink yearn for the physical attention Diego has to offer. And he delivers in a BIG way.

Watch Diego Alvaros take charge of Jay Sheen’s twink body


Date: November 6, 2017