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Aiden Ward, Oliver Saxon and Taylor Reign fuck


CockyBoys: Taylor Reign welcomes Aiden Ward & Oliver Saxon to Cocky Boys and into bed for a mid-afternoon slumber party! After sharing examples of their super-human libidos, these sexual dynamos are ready to go and with virtually no foreplay they get right into a circular oral chain! Taylor & Aiden soon drift over into focusing attention on Oliver with Aiden rimming his bubble butt while Taylor stuffs his mouth with cock. Cocky Boys seniority rules as they shift positions. Osn his back Taylor gets sucked by Oliver whose ass is rimmed and teased by Aiden who in turn can bend forward and make out with Taylor as well as get a taste of his cock. It’s Aiden though who gets the first shot at fucking Oliver who kisses Taylor. Taylor asks the sandwiched and breathless Oliver if he likes being their “little fuck hole” and makes him prove it. He starts fucking Oliver while Aiden skull fucks him. After that Taylor takes control again with BOTH guys as he stars a standing fuck chain with Aiden in the middle! Even when Taylor hangs back as Oliver starts riding Aiden’s cock, it doesn’t last. He has to participate by sucking and playing with Oliver’s cock AND he wants his turn at having Oliver sit on his cock and ride it like energetically. Aiden also can’t just watch. He gets behind Oliver and slides his cock in as Oliver gets DP’ed ..possibly for the longest amount of time in Cocky Boys history! At one point Taylor grabs Oliver’s cock and jerks him to orgasm and milks him dry as he’s fucked. In the blink of an eye Taylor is the center of attention. As Oliver licks his balls Aiden jerks off abd cums over him….at exactly the same time that Taylor creams over his abs. Super-satisfied the guys kiss and just lie back. And now that you know how often they have sex, wanna bet they have at least one more encore after the cameras stop rolling?

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Date: December 21, 2017