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Dirty Scout : Hot muscle hunk shows his body


Dirty Scout #110: I think we all like muscular guys. Especially muscular guys with baby faces. There is something innocent and incredibly naughty about them at the same time. Such a boy came into my office today. He studied physical education at college because it was one of his two biggest passions. The other one was screwing chicks. He had loads of them, obviously. I’m sure he had to chase them away. The boy was in the last year of college and needed a job to get through it. Ideally something not too demanding. I had a few jobs like that ready. When he took off his clothes to pay for our fee, I was stunned. I offered him all my money and hoped it would be enough. I simply couldn’t let this boy leave my office unfucked. Such a thing was not an option.

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Date: December 4, 2017