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GayHoopla: Bradley Whitman fucks Roman Tate


GayHoopla: This was Roman Tate’s first scene on camera. He’s “a little nervous” but he’s been with a guy before and he’s into Bradley Whitman. “He’s handsome.” Then we ask “what’s he biggest dick you’ve ever been with?” And Roman thinks about it and says “Maybe 8 inches?” He says he likes big dicks. Perfect. Bradley has a big dick. This is going to go well. Bradley’s first scene had a little bit of that “am I really doing this” look on his face, but now he just goes for it and after finding out that Roman is used to being with guys and likes big dicks, he’s not nervous at all. After a bit of kissing, Roman decides it’s time for the pants to go away. He takes his own off and then takes off Bradley’s and buries his face in his crotch. Once the dicks come out, Roman is really into it and Bradley finds out what it feels like to get blown by a guy that really likes big dicks. These young men are both ripped. Chiseled with tight muscles. A perfect match. Bradley gets Roman’s pants off and instead of going for his dick first, goes for his ass crack, burying his face and tongue in that muscular butt. “It’s nice and pink,” he says. That’s the first time we’ve heard that. But clearly that’s what he likes. Bradley moves up and slides his dick in Roman’s hole. He doesn’t give Roman much chance to loosen up or relax before he just goes for it and starts slamming away, but Roman doesn’t mind. Roman loves it and keeps telling him to pound him harder. Bradley’s dick isn’t just long, it’s thick. Roman is pushed to his limit here, but Bradley just keeps pounding away. You get some great angles of Bradley’s sick sliding in Roman’s hole. The harder Roman pounds, the heavier Roman breathes. It’s clearly pushing all the right buttons, Roman’s dick gets harder and harder until he blows a load of cum all over his own abs while he’s getting fucked. But we’re not done fucking yet. Roman sits himself down on Bradley’s dick and rides it hard until Bradley cums all over himself. Bradley’s worn out at the end of this. Pretty amazing to see.

Watch Bradley Whitman and Roman Tate fuck in the full GayHoopla video


Date: December 23, 2017