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Guy can’t pay his rent, so he gets fucked


Debt Dandy #223 : This boy wasn’t exactly someone I would normally lend money to. He got fired from work, he didn’t want to tell me the reason, and shortly after that he got evicted from his previous flat. He needed money to rent a new one so he borrowed from a “friend”. Hard to say what kind of a friend that was but I doubt he was a very good friend. Our boy got threatened and was supposed to repay the debt in two days. Otherwise who knows what would happened. And of course he had no job, no valuables… I couldn’t wish for a better guy because he had zero credibility. He really hesitated when I explained him my alternative plan but agreed in the end. Next time he’ll remember to keep his job and pay the rent on time. His burning asshole will be a great reminder.

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Date: December 24, 2017