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Muscle top Topher DiMaggio pounds Casey Jacks


Falcon Studios – “Hidden Palms” (part 5): Topher DiMaggio is getting horny laying out in the sun and decides to head inside to take care of business. Luckily for him, on the way inside, he passes hunky and nearly naked Casey Jacks in nothing but a swim suit. The two give a knowing nod to each other as Topher continues on his way to get naked on his bed. Casey follows him inside and plops on his knees in front of the hard and ready Topher. The cock-hungry Casey savors every inch of the smooth muscle stud with an eager blowjob that gets Topher ready to fuck. Before Topher goes all the way, he wants to sample Casey’s hairy butt. Topher laps it up, getting it nice and opened up and ready for his giant pole that he’s about to slip inside. Topher can no longer hold back and rolls Casey onto his back to slide his dick into the begging jock. Topher doesn’t hold back and works up a frenzied pace right from the start. Casey moans out with every push from behind, demanding that Topher go deeper and harder. The studs switch up their positions and finally settle on Casey taking it hard from behind. As Topher drills Casey, he pulls out and covers Casey’s muscled up butt cheeks with a nice warm load. With his back covered and sticky, Casey rolls over and gets his own release when he jacks his rod and covers his stomach with pure white satisfaction.

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Date: December 29, 2017