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Robbie Carusso gets fucked by his Coach


Robbie’s Coach Mr. Arclyte is pushing him hard for the next rack meet. They are running some practices out in Coach’s backyard. After Robbie shows Coach that he is ready for the track to meet Coach offers him a ride back home. As they enter Coach’s house they forget about the car ride and instead begins passionately making out. Robbie soon drops to his knees and starts to worship Coach’s lovely cock. Robbie takes it balls deep gagging and sucking every inch of his Coach’s dick. Coach lifts Robbie off the ground and throws him onto the bed where Coach begins to blow his young cock and lick his sweet young ass. Robbie is moaning with intense pleasure as Coach knows all the moves. Robbie begs for Coach to stuff his cock in his eager ass and Coach doesn’t hesitate at all. Coach pushes his throbbing dick deep into Robbie and once his hole opens up Coach begins to fuck him hard yet passionately. Coach doesn’t want to do all the work so he tells the young buck to ride his shaft to show him what he has learned. Robbie mounts up and slides down the hard cock and begins to grind it using his hips. Coach loves being balls deep in this young tight ass and it’s so tight that he has to pull his cock out and fuck Robbie on his back and once he does Robbie cums all over his chest and Coach fires his load right after onto Robbie’s young cock.

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Date: December 11, 2017