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Roman Tate jerks off for GayHoopla


GayHoopla: Rough and Ripped Roman Tate starts out his day doing a bit of a pump. He’s 25, a personal trainer and weighs in at 175. He says that he likes girls but tells us that one time he let his girlfriend fuck him with a strap-on. So… we know he’s at least open to more. Roman starts out his solo with a bit of a workout and some kick boxing practice. He even does a bit of sneak naked posing right in the gym for Derek Jones (who’s shooting the video).Once we’re back at the house, Roman admits “all that dirty talk earlier got me going” and he pulls out his hardening dick. He’s a grower… it swells to a really impressive size as he plays with it for Derek. “Fuck, that feels so good” he says as he plays with his fully-hard dick. Roman’s smooth skin is tightly wrapped around his perfectly shaped muscles. His abs and pecs and shoulders flex while he jerks himself. “I kinda wanna cum on that chair,” he says, eyeing the black leather arm chair in the corner. Derek tells him he can cum wherever he wants. Roman gets up and blows his load all over it. No idea why… but we’re glad the white cum stands out against the black leather. And it’s a LOT of cum. “That happens after a good workout.” Roman tells us that he cums a lot because he works out a lot and it builds up the testosterone… Derek wants to know more about the strap-on he took up the ass… yes, he came… yes, he’d be willing to do it again. Stay Tuned.

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Date: December 4, 2017
Actors: Roman Tate