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Silky is hard and ready in “The Deuce” part 3


Peter Fever : The Deuce 3: I’M YOUR PIMP DADDY. Oh it’s shaft time as Silky steps over to get my love. As his dong grows, I feel my hole opening. By the time I sit on this monster, Silky is hard and ready to be rough, just the way I like it. Grabbin’ my chain, my man shows me what real drillin’ for gold is. On the couch, he’s got me beggin’ for his nut and lovin’ every drop. Adding mine to the mix, I blow a load worthy of a Pimp Daddy.

Watch the full scene of “The Deuce” part 3 at Peter Fever

Date: December 7, 2017
Actors: FX Rios / Jessie Lee