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CockyBoys: Troy Accola and Calvin Banks fuck each other


CockyBoys – “REDUX”: Troy Accola makes his long-awaited CockyBoys debut as an exclusive and there’s no one better to welcome him than Calvin Banks. They have a history together on camera and off and now get a chance for a more exciting redux… with Troy now more sexually confident and open to more options. Calvin lies back as Troy affectionately makes out with him and travels down to open his jeans and lovingly suck it. Knowing what to expect, they’re naked very quickly with Calvin energetically sucking Troy’s cock and eagerly setting the course of action. Calvin first sets in motion a variation on a 69 so he can get face fucked…and get a taste of Troy’s hole. With their passion running high Troy gets on his knees for some deep-throat face fucking. An impressed Calvin is soon drawn back to familiar territory: Troy’s smooth tight hole. He fingers it and he barely rims him before Troy is begging to be fucked…a plea that Calvin grants quickly. He buries his cock in to the hilt and easily puts Troy into obvious bliss. With a little nudging from Calvin, Troy works his hole on his cock…which Calvin subsequently thrusts in deeper and harder. Troy moans, “no one fucks like you” and soon enough Calvin is ready to live up to that praise. Putting Troy on his back Calvin plunges in again to find that sweet spot with knowledgeable precision. Pressed together tightly so that they can kiss and speak intimately with one another Calvin drives Troy to the edge. But, before they get there Troy wants his turn to give Calvin the same deep pleasure. Calvin flips and starts riding Troy’s cock and a confident Troy thrusts in deep…and in control. As Calvin rides him Troy slides his fist over Calvin’s long, thick cock and almost effortlessly makes him explode in a cum geyser. Calvin then finger fucks Troy as he jacks off his own cum fountain and proves to Troy “I always know how to find your spot”.

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Date: January 25, 2018