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CockyBoys: Boomer Banks barebacks Jack Hunter


CockyBoys – “Fans Only”: Fans Only includes performer created content and launches with one of the “biggest” match-ups ever… Boomer Banks & Jack Hunter with their award-winning cocks, condomless! No frills, no back story, just sex. As a rock hard Jack goes down on him, Boomer is rubbing the smooth pink hole he’s about to own. Boomer uses Jack’s mouth and throat and then tells him to sit on his face… which Jack does by straddling Boomer in his armchair. The position turns out to be perfect for slobbering on Jack’s hole and sucking his veiny shaft.

Jack gets up and moves to the window where his saliva-lubed hole is easily penetrated by Boomer’s raw cock. Boomer glides in and out, faster and deeper and Jack takes every thrust consistently wanting more. With his cock buried deep in Jack, Boomer takes him to the bed and bends him over to fuck him with playful ownership. Boomer pulls all the way out and thrusts into the hilt, Jack’s moans bringing a sexy smirk to his face.

Boomer kisses Jack before one final assault on his ass. Boomer pounds Jack on his back with the full fuck treatment, his cock like a guided missile hitting its target with every launch. Soon Boomer happily sees that he’s bringing Jack closer to cumming and with his verbal prodding, Jack shoots a thick load. Boomer resumes fucking hard and finally pulls out to cum over the hole he’s just owned and slurps up his own load. He slips in his cock one more time to rest inside Jack as they kiss. And as they cool down Boomer utters a deep-voiced “woof” that says it all.

Watch Boomer Banks bareback Jack Hunter in the full-length video


Date: February 14, 2018