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Muscle hunk Sean Zevran fucks Ollie


CockyBoys. Sean Zevran thinks he has Ollie figured out as a sweetheart who may put on a macho facade..but really likes to get fucked. Once he gets alone with Ollie and they stroke their looking at each other, Sean begins to test his theory. He orders Ollie to suck him while he watches in the ceiling mirror and, with brief hesitation, Ollie does as he’s told. Ollie gets more into sucking him and Sean makes sure to keep Ollie’s mouth on his thick cock, including a sexy, smooth 69. Sean uses the 69 to start playing with Ollie’s hole, just enough to make Ollie express how good it feels and make him more amenable to something more. After getting Ollie bent over, Sean humps his bubble butt crack and as his cock slides along his crack, Ollie finally says he wants Sean inside him. Sean teases him just a bit more then slides his cock in to give Ollie the topping that Sean suspected he wanted all along. As Ollie gasps and moans Sean derives physical pleasure as well as satisfaction in bottoming out Ollie and making him open up more for him. Ollie feels the deep pleasure and begs Sean to fuck him harder..and Sean is happy to oblige. Eventually he puts Ollie on his back where he pins and makes him feel the full force of his muscular strength and cock. Ollie’s vocal pleasure is heightened even more by watching himself in the mirror and soon they’re both watching, turned on to put on an even hotter sex show…for themselves! At the end Sean takes total control of Ollie’s orgasm by fucking him on the arm of the couch and stroking his cock until he milks a load out of him. As instructed Ollie licks Sean’s balls but the second he does Sean shoots a thick load over his abs. The studs kiss one more time, satisfied contentment on their faces.

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Date: February 6, 2018
Actors: Ollie / Sean Zevran