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Muscle jocks Calvin Banks and Ethan Slade fuck


CockyBoys: While in New Orleans, shooting ALL SAiNTS, Calvin Banks meets up with super sexy (and charming) local boy Ethan Slade! Ethan is happy to show Calvin around, and teaches him about the city’s unique culture and local lingo. It’s this language lesson which brings the guys even closer and leads to their first kiss. Ethan soft lips and warm mouth are soon on Calvin’s cock and taking him deep. Calvin is almost lost in the pleasure but soon, in between some increasingly passionate kissing, he puts Ethan in the same dreamy state by playing with his sensitive hole. Calvin turns his attention to Ethan’s cock and gives him some deep-throated oral pleasure while admiring his ripped body. And yet he’s drawn back to Ethan’s ass which he rims and fingers again as the sexy young man bends over. Soon they’re both wanting the same thing: Calvin’s cock inside Ethan. With some prodding from Calvin, Ethan opens up for him and works his hole on Calvin’s thrusting cock. Their synchronized sexual dynamic continues as Ethan sits on Calvin’s cock and rides him hard as Calvin thrusts in deep. The momentum slows slightly when Ethan lies back and Calvin lovingly sucks his cock before slowly entering him again. Once Calvin’s cock finds that sweet spot inside Ethan he switches into high gear. The vocal and dominant dynamo pounds away and soon grips Ethan’s cock to pump out a huge load that covers his torso. Before Ethan catches his breath Calvin pulls out and shoots his massive load that gives Ethan a long distance facial and anther costing of cum on his body. They kiss again and Calvin shows him he’s learned a little lingo from his sexy tutor.

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Date: February 21, 2018