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Ricky Roman takes Josh Moore’s raw dick


CockyBoys – “Fans Only! with Ricky Roman & Josh Moore”: Our second “CockyBoys Fans Only!” scene is also a new “Redux” scene with Ricky Roman & Josh Moore! Ricky & Josh have been dating since they met on set and now they’re ready to show a new level of intimacy…condom free! In no time they go from kissing in the pool to Ricky sucking on Josh’s thick monster and deep-throating him….thanks to months of practice. Just sucking Josh and knowing he’s pleasuring him makes Ricky hard and it’s the same for Josh when he lies Ricky on his back and sucks him. Ricky is soon flipping over on all fours, his gorgeous ass up in the air for Josh, whose mouth and tongue probe the depths of Ricky’s tan, muscled mounds. He teases Ricky with his cock but his mouth returns to feast on his hole and his cock. But soon the urge to fuck is too strong and hold off any more. Josh enters Ricky who in turn takes him in with lustful enthusiasm. Knowing each other so well makes it easy for them to go into full force, deep pleasure fucking with Ricky unleashed vocally. They change it up with Ricky sitting on Josh’s cock and riding him and just as quickly they find a position that brings them even closer to mutual pleasure. However they’re not even close to showcasing their chemistry and sexual dynamics. Ricky moves into a multi-faceted reverse cowboy position an then rides the sofa’s arm as Josh thrusts into him deep. This time Josh doesn’t stop until he pulls out and explodes over Ricky’s hole and licks up his own thick load. Still in full power mode Josh gets Ricky on his back, kisses him as he jerks his cock and makes him cum almost effortlessly. The cum hungry top slurps up Ricky’s load and they share a kiss, expressing the affection you just know is real.

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Date: February 16, 2018