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Ben Masters bottoms for Nathan Styles


Helix Studios – “Stretched”: Join Ben Masters at the tail end of his morning yoga ritual as he works that gracefully muscled body by the pool in the morning sun. After a sexy series of stretching in sun salutations, he sees hunky beefcake Nathan Styles eyeing him on the Helix mansion balcony. Styles motions for the muscle twink to join him upstairs. Ben realizes he’s stretched his entire body…. except for his exceptional ass! Wanting to keep well rounded, Masters makes his way up the majestic staircase and collides with some hot and heavy cock chemistry as Nathan envelopes his entire body! He kisses and caresses every inch of him as they’re wrapped in each other’s arms. The passion is clear as wandering hands head for heated areas under shorts before Ban gets on his knees. He pulls at Styles sexy black boxer briefs and an already raging hard schlong springs out, nearly slapping Ben’s beautiful face. Masters deep throats the wide wang, sucking for all he’s worth as Nathan moans with pleasure while pulling the boy deeper down on his dick. Styles had identified as bisexual a few videos ago, but by the looks of him not being able to get Masters’ short strings undone quick enough to get at that dick, we can tell he’s found a boy he really likes! Nathan goes bananas on Ben’s bone, sucking hard like a masculine dominant dick sucker. He slaps Masters’ meaty booty then spins him around. Ben puts his hands on the table and gets in a flat back position to show off that hot yoga ass which Nate spits in then dives into face first. He grabs fistfuls of Ben’s firm fanny then spreads the smooth cheeks, shaking his head around to insert himself even deeper inside his new obsession. Styles slips in some fingers to investigate further and gets Benny boy begging for a dicking. Naughty Nate finally tears his face away for Masters’ hole to give the boy what he’s asking for. The cock cam catches the lusty launch as Nate brings his bone up to Ben’s butt and blasts off inside for a bangtastic boning. Styles fucks like a primal beast, moaning with wild abandon as he smashes schlong hammer hard while pulling his bottom’s hips toward that ripped body. Nathan commands the kid to get onto his back then gets the table squeaking and shaking just as much as his boy! Ben looks stunning spread eagle whacking his willie while getting rammed and ravaged savagely. His perfect yoga body flexes and tenses and his jack off pace quickens causing his cock to spit out a healthy heaping of hot cream. This sends Styles into overdrive. He goes mediaeval on Masters, mashing his mammoth member at top notch speed before whipping out to splash grade A seed all over Ben’s banging body and, satisfied schlong. The couple collapse onto the couch. Nathan is stillat attention and we wouldn’t be surprised if round two happened after the cameras stopped rolling!

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Date: March 31, 2018