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Brian Michaels fucks Jacob Tyler at College Dudes


College Dudes: Brian Michaels and Jacob Tyler make a sexy pair, and when they start making out and undressing, it gets even hotter. Jacob drops to his knees and sucks on Brian’s meat, running his soft lips up and down Brian’s shaft as he gets it harder, making it grow in his mouth before standing up and letting Brian taste him next. Brian fills his mouth with Jacob’s huge cock, doing his best to deepthroat that big dick as he slides it in and out of his mouth before standing up and getting Jacob on the bed. Jacob’s ass is in the air, doggy style as Brian eases his pulsing hard cock into Jacob’s tight hole, getting balls deep and then fucking him as Jacob takes every inch of Brian. Jacob turns on his back, opening his legs up and letting Brian get even deeper inside of him as Brian rhythmically pumps in and out of Jacob’s ass. Jacob grabs his own cock and strokes it quickly, yanking on that dick as he feels Brian deep inside of him, and then Brian pulls out to let Jacob taste his own ass on Brian’s cock as he shoves it into Jacob’s mouth and makes him suck until they both cum hard, shooting huge loads as they stroke out each last drop!

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Date: March 21, 2018