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CockyBoys: Cory Kane and Valentin Braun flip-fuck


CockyBoys: Before his scene with Cory Kane sexy charmer Valentin Braun says he’s turned on when the other person is turned on. To put it simply. “‘I feed off other people’s pleasure.” He soon learns that seems to be Cory’s outlook too. Their compatibility and chemistry is self-evident as they kiss almost non-stop like long-term lovers & Cory sucks Valentin as though he’s done it hundreds of times before. Soon the rock-hard duo go to bed where their kissing turns into a lengthy and loving 69. Almost imperceptibly Cory starts rimming Valentin’s taut dancer’s ass and soon the limber German rises up to all fours. Cory can’t what any longer and slides his cock into Valentin’s spit-lubed hole. Cory fucks him deep and every inch of pleasure is registered on Valentin’s face. Cory eventually switches roles and squats on Valentin’s face where his lips and tongue make Cory moan with pleasure to the point he now wants to be fucked. Valentin wraps his arms and around Cory and kisses him passionately as he fucks him sideways so deep his cock disappears. At one point Valentin swivels around to fuck Cory on his back and once more is drawn to kiss him passionately. As Valentin bears down and brings him close to the edge Cory decides he wants to make him cum first. Soon it’s Valentin on his back getting plowed deep and as he’s fucked he shoots over his flexed abs, much to Cory’s vocal delight. Cory pulls out and cums over Valentin in almost the exact same area. They slip right back into each other’s arms abd kiss again, Valentin still twitching from the heights of pleasure.

Watch Cory Kane and Valentin Braun flip-fuck in the full video


Date: March 30, 2018