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Sergio Moreno and Peter Vasco fuck RAW


Kristen Bjorn : Our Anniversary. We all have that one special day that we like to celebrate Our Anniversary and today we celebrate the anniversary of Sergio Moreno and Peter Vasco. Peter wants to make today extra special and rushes out early to buy roses for his love. He arrives back at home and finds his sexy lover still asleep in bed. Every time that Peter lays eyes on Sergio his heart flutters and his cock surges full of red hot blood. Taking a scarlet blindfold out of his pocket he gently rouses Sergio and applies the blindfold. With Sergio blindfolded, Peter tantalizes Sergio’s senses with the velvety soft rose pedals, his gentle touch, his aroma, his passionate kiss and then the feel of his uncut cock brushing across Sergio’s rich, full lips. Sergio takes Peter’s luscious cock into his mouth as the rose pedals float down across his body. Worshiping Peter’s cock is the best way to start this anniversary and Sergio makes sure that he fills his lover with pleasure. Peter removes the blindfold and begins to suck on Sergio’s straining cock. Servicing Sergio’s cock is one of Peter’s favorite things, but so is eating his hairy ass. Peter’s tongue has probed and lathered his ass with sufficient spit and slides his raw cock deep inside of Sergio’s hungry ass. Peter flips Sergio onto his back on the bed as Sergio goes into a gymnastic split and Peter’s cock plunges as deep as it can go. With Sergio on his back, Peter decides it is time for his ass to get in on the action. Peter slides his bare ass down onto Sergio awaiting cock and begins grinding deep and hard onto Sergio’s rock-hard cock. Sergio knows that this position sets Peter on fire and makes sure that he stretches the pleasure out as long as possible. Taking control, Peter aggressively pounds away at Sergio’s cock as his own balls draw up tight and shoot his thick creamy load up and out of his tantalizing cock. Sergio quickly follows suit and creams Peter’s hot, smooth ass with his copious load of cum. The guys lean in and share a passionate kiss before a full day of celebration.

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Date: March 4, 2018