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Travis Berkley fucks new Helix boy Collin Adams


Helix Studios – “Inroducing Collin Adams”: New kid on our block Collin Adams has a sexy southern drawl from Memphis Tennessee which has obviously peeked Travis Berkley’s interest. He’s hooked up with the hottie so we can all get to know the gorgeous 18 year old and Travis is turnin’ on the charm HARD! He starts by showing off his chiseled calf muscles while flirting hard and the pretty pair discover they have running track in common. After the leg flexing flirt breaker, the cute couple get comfy and let it all hang out. They chat about porn, Adams’ erotic fantasies, and even Teletubbies! Collin reveals he’s a verse bottom and whispering dirty talk in his ears gets him going! Armed with an arsenal of erotic info, Berkley brings the newbie back to his place to initiate the brunette dream boy with a cherry popping first time on camera fuck. Adams is 100% in it from the start, grabbing Berkley by the back of the head and kissing the kid full and deep while Travis’ hands wander inside Adams’ undies revealing a righteously round rump! Our new porn loving, country kid is craving cock and buries Berkley’s bone deep down his talented throat. Travis takes over, flipping Adams onto his back while putting the secret whisper weapon to good use. Then he moves that magic mouth of his to Adams’ plump little ass. He lifts Collin’s track star legs in the air and spreads him open to dine on the dude’s smooth sex hole like a king. Berkley knows he’s got the boy’s butt horned up and offers him his first on camera rod ride. Collin hops on the bareback baloney pony and engulfs every inch into his beautiful booty. Well aware you only gets one chance to make a first impression, he gives us a great show. The creamy skinned schlong jockey bounces his tight teen tush like he’s on a trampoline while his track and field fanny flexes and squeezes down on Travis’ delicious dick. Berkley orders our boy onto his back and the kid has his legs in the air quickly as if jumping a hump me hurdle running for groin gold! Travis tears into his track buddy’s booty hard and Adams can only ask for more! The cock cam goes in deep, capturing Berkley banging the hell out of Collin’s cock filled hole until a simultaneous sexy seed spreading erupts onto our new guy! Both boy’s bones go off in an explosion of lust lava, covering Collin in copious amounts of fresh cum. This newbie is a natural born, naughty nympho and we’re definitely going to see gorgeous groin growing sextivities from him and his uber hot hind end.

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Date: March 1, 2018