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Being inside him feels like the best thing ever


Hung Young Brit : Chatting up and pulling a proper beautiful 21yr boy on the tube (ALL REAL) Gen footage of me meeting him! Very fit essex cheeky lad with flawless skin, so so beautiful! I convince this stunning lad to come film with us! I love the fact we don’t even know who he is!!! And he does (come with us)
lol I Shag him fucking rotten!, being inside him feels the best ever and I make sure I blow it right over and up his arsehole for ALL to see and he LOVES IT… LOVE being deep,inside him feeling the skin of my cock against the skin of his bum ! After partying with us I get him over and make sure that 21yr sexy lad doesn’t leave my gaff without my load pumped right up into and inside his cute little arsehole. WE LIKE HIM VERY VERY MUCH!!!

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Date: April 2, 2018