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Boynapped: Ashton Bradley humiliates and fucks Billy Rock


Boynapped: Billy Rock is in one of the most difficult positions he’s ever had to endure in this new Boynapped video, held in place by ropes and chains, made to crouch with a rope in his mouth and a bar stretching his arms out. Ashton Bradley starts by using the wax to punish the boy, dripping it all over his back and making him cry out, the sound muffled by the rope. He can’t do anything, he can barely move an inch without causing more discomfort. Ashton knows all the best places to drip the wax to deliver the most pain, and after making sure he’s hit all those points he turns to pleasure – his own, of course. Watch as he slides his big throbbing cock up into the boy, fucking Billy hard and deep, ramming his hole over and over until he feels the need to cum taking over. He’s not done yet, though, pulling out and taking up position he aims his uncut cock and starts showering the boy with piss for the ultimate humiliation, before wanking off and cumming in Billy’s face!

Watch Ashton Bradley use and abuse Billy Rock in the full-length video


Date: April 17, 2018