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James Stevens fucks the cum out of Mike Lobo at Pride Studios


Pride Studios – “Oops I Thought I was Alone”: James Stevens is alone in the locker room stroking his big long cock. He thinks he has privacy, but just then Mike Lobo walks in on him and at first Mike does not see him because he is toweling off his face and not wearing his glasses. When he puts his glasses on, he sees James sitting there with his big cock out and is startled. However, he is impressed and when James invites him to taste it he wastes no time dropping to his knees and sucking it. He does his best to take it deep and gags a little when he does. James then returns the favor and bends Mike up against the lockers and rims his ass. He then starts fucking him against the lockers and then bends him over the bench and continues to drive his big cock deeper and deeper. He flips Mike onto his back and fucks him until Mike cannot hold back and he shoots his load. James pulls out and blasts all over Mike.

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Date: April 13, 2018