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Michael Roman, Levi Karter and Nick Sterling


CockyBoys. Levi Karter’s first CBFO video is double the size and double the heat as he fulfills his daddy fantasy twice with Michael Roman and Nick Sterling in two separate encounters that are night andd day from each other…literally! It’s intimate POV porn Levi’s way…freewheeling fun and unexpected twists! One hot afternoon Levi Karter and Michael Roman’s charming chemistry leads to making out in bed and exploring each other’s bodies. Levi tease-sucks Michael through his shorts but it’s the hairy-muscled daddy who goes first, deep-throating Levi with gusto. They soon transition to a thorough 69 and the longer it lasts the more affectionate it gets. Michael can’t get enough of Levi’s tight hole or his cock & balls and is even more excited to start fucking…as is Levi. With Levi’s legs balanced on his amply shoulders Michael Roman pumps hard and deep into him but the guys keep things lively by switching it up. Michael goes back to rimming Levi and sucking him while wrapping his hard body around him & planting kisses. Levi then turns around and sucks Michael’s nipples and licks his pits, exciting the hairy daddy to fuck him again. They get very close to the edge but slow down and switch it up again…180 degrees! On his back Michael gets sucked and then rimmed by Levi who turns into a power top. He plows him hard and deep until he fucks the cum out of the breathless daddy and then follows up by showering him with a blasts of jizz. It takes a little while for the sweating duo to cool down and you have to ask “who’s the daddy now?” Late at night Levi Karter meets tough, but passionate bearded leather man Nick Sterling. He’s a man of few words and doesn’t need them either as his mere presence commands authority. As Nick lies back in bed he simply says, “come here” and Levi goes up to him to be kissed and undressed. Levi goes down on the harness-wearing stud whose approval of his deep-throating skills is manifested in his “fuck, boy” response. In a dizzying back and forth POV Nick sucks Levi back but soon Levi is back taking Nick’s veiny cock down his throat in all manner of positions. At one point Nick tells Levi to “swallow that dick” but that’s one superfluous order. Nick gets one more taste of Levi’s cock but turns his attention to his tempting ass. He takes it easy on Levi to start but soon asserts his power by thrusting is faster and harder, drilling him to the bed. Out of bed Nick fucks Levi against the wall and the bottom’s moans make Nick fuck harder and put him over the edge. With Levi on his knees waiting dutifully Nick excitedly cums all over him just as he promised. As Levi sucks off the remaining cum from Nick’s sensitive cock, the top man opens up and verbally exhorts Levi to shoot all over himself. And Nick is quite pleased, looking down at Levi and saying, “Woof…sexy boy”.

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Date: April 15, 2018