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Nicholas Romero and Tristan Adler flip-fuck at 8teenboy


8teenboy – “Brunette Bareback”: Brooding bad boy Tristan Adler is reclining on a chair while super smooth and sexy Spanish sexpot Nicholas Romero is in front of him. Tristan grabs the gorgeous golden boy and kisses the kid passionately as Romero straddles him, causing his jeans to tighten. Nicholas can feel the heat rising from Tristan’s torpedo, so he gets on his knees for a closer look and lick. Romero pulls at Adler’s bulging black undies, unleashing a raging hard rod so stiff it slaps Tristan’s tight tummy with a loud lusty thud when released. Romero sucks and handles the hard on with ravenous vigor, deep throating the dick while looking deeply into Adler’s eyes. Thankful for the sexy slurpathon, Tristan has Nicholas stand up. He teases the twink’s tallywhacker with kisses to the outside of his tighty whities, then swallows the scrumptious schlong all the way to the balls. Romero’s smooth, round rump is the stuff wet dreams are made of and Adler makes a meal out of the firm fanny while Nick is bent and arched over the chair. After dining like a king, Tristan allows his bareback bone to gorge on a piping hot helping of booty for dessert. He hammers the twink’s tight tush doggy style before switching it up to sit on the chair while Nick sits down on his dick. The bronze beauty strokes his hog while Tristan tenderizes his hole by hammering his hips up into the kid hard as hell. Romero’s hole is usually his pleasure place, but Adler’s ass is aching for a fucking and Nick is happy to offer him some dick. Tristan stays seated in the chair but lifts his heels to the heavens, giving Romero ramming room. The cock corked couple kiss passionately as Nicholas annihilates Adler’s ass until his chubby churns out buckets of boy butter. The hot stream of cream seeps down Tristan’s taut tummy and as Nicholas takes in the sexy site, he feels the same tingling in his own appendage. The barely legal bronze babe busts a nice naughty nut onto Tristan. Then, he milks every last drop from his satisfied schlong before giving his porcelain skinned piece of ass one more passionate kiss.

Watch Nicholas Romero and Tristan Adler flip-fuck at 8teenboy


Date: April 9, 2018