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Smooth and Sweet: Spencer Locke flip-fucks with Ethan Helms


8teenboy – “Smooth and Sweet”: Sexy spring chicken Spencer Locke loves big cocks and Ethan Helms fits the boner bill and then some! This is Locke’s first non-solo fuck flick so Helms helps coax the kid out of his shell with sweet kisses and a toe curling cock gobble! After eating a healthy helping of Spencer’s sizable schlong he stands up, aiming his perfect piece directly at our newbie’s fuck me face. Locke lays into Helms’ huge hog, sucking while stroking his own fat phallus which is engorged with orgasmic excitement for his first full on fuck scene. The delicious dirty blond duo continue cock swapping until Ethan’s hunger for Locke’s luscious backside gets the best of him and he buries his tongue in the edible 18 year old pretty boy’s super smooth booty. Locke arches his back like an alley cat in heat as Ethan stands up to hammer the kid’s hungry hiney into submission. Spencer loves every inch, coaching cock hefty Helms to hit it even harder! Then, the naughty newbie wants a taste of that top life; so, he offers Ethan a seat on his stiff stick. Helms hops on and bangs that beautiful blond boy butt down hard, getting every inch of Spencer’s schlong up in him. The new buddies flip again, this time the new guy gets his tight end torn apart on his back with his heels to Jesus! Locke has been relaxing into the ramming, just enjoying the fuck for a while but now his big boner needs to be milked. He grabs his girthy groin and the thick dick goes off like a raunchy Roman candle, covering the kid’s chiseled torso with a wonderland of sticky white hot wad. The sexy sight gets Ethan’s appendage ready for lift off and his lusty long dong launches it’s creamy load onto our new nymph. Ethan eases on down to plant a kiss on Locke, who looks absolutely luscious covered in both boy’s big nasty good nut busts.

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Date: April 15, 2018