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Uncut hotties Tomas Salek and Bradley Shaw for Twinks in Shorts


Twinks in Shorts: Bradley Shaw and his buddies are out of town for a game of footie. While his fellow teammates are out on the town, the blond twink has some down time in his room, reading. Little does he know, the team coach — hairy hunk Tomas Salek — stayed behind, hoping for a quiet interlude where he can offer up his strong, powerful hands to massage Bradley. The twink, who’s had the hots for Tomas for at least a year now, is more than willing and quick to say yes to Coach’s offer. Tomas gets his hands slipper with oil and begins to massage the twink right then and there, in his chair. In fact, Tomas goes further, getting Bradley undressed before eventually taking the uncut twink’s cock in his mouth and massaging it with his lips and tongue. Bradley, who has never had sex before, becomes the submissive, letting the dark-haired, horny and experienced man do what he wants. Tomas takes his sweet time with the virgin, rimming and finger fucking his tender hole, thus exposing Bradley to a wickedly delicious world of sexual pleasure. The eager twink returns the favor when Coach Tomas offers up his own cock for service. And judging by the way Tomas moans, it’s clear Bradley is a quick learner! Coach soon returns to Bradley’s cock, taking him down to the balls and sucking him off until the twink gets close, spewing a sweet load of fresh jizz all over himself.

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Date: April 17, 2018