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Hot suited hunks Jonas Jackson and Kayden Gray


Men at Play : Reunited. Hot hunks Jonas Jackson and Kayden Gray play former fuck buds who are reunited, and it feels so good! After checking into a posh hotel and being told that his room is not ready, Kayden begins to sense something familiar about concierge Jonas. Then it comes to them—they were once intimate with each other. Happy over this chance reunion, and both of them sleek and many in tailored suits, Jonas and Kayden get that old feeling and decide to bang one more time for old time’s sake. And we get to watch! Reunited pairs Kayden’s massive cock with Jonas’s perfectly round, beefy ass. With both men classed up in fine suits, the horny fucking intensifies. Jonas works Kayden’s massive cock with his mouth before bending over and offering up his big bubble butt. Kayden buries his face in Jonas’s butt before he slams every hard inch of his cock up Jonas’s hole. And they finish with hugs amounts of cum. When old flames reignite, things get too hot to handle!

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Date: May 21, 2018