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Muscle jock Flynn jerks off for Corbin Fisher


Corbin Fisher: Sometimes you just have a craving for some corn-fed Midwestern muscle, and Flynn certainly would satisfy that craving! Where he’s from, he’s not used to seeing mountains, so it’s a real treat for Flynn to come out and visit us – not the least because we’re giving him the chance to show off that ripped body of his. Unlike some of our other athletes here at CF, Flynn prefers unconventional sports, like ping pong and disc golf, not to mention sandboarding, which spellcheck still refuses to want to let us put here, but he swears it’s a real thing! His tolerance for the cold is pretty high, because he wouldn’t even put on a jacket when we went outside, but getting to see his toned arms in that polo made it worth it. Once we get back to the house, he’s eager to whip it out and really show us what he’s got, managing to get his load all the way up into his hair – now that’s what we call talent!

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Date: May 29, 2018
Actors: Flynn (CF)