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Twinks in Shorts: Tomas Salek and Tom Uli


Twinks in Shorts: After taking a hot, steamy shower in the communal men’s room, Tom Uli (also known as Dom Ully) is lucky to have Tomas Salek walk in. The hunky masseur is ready for his own shower but when Tomas asks Tom what’s wrong, the blonde tattooed twink explains about his stiff neck. Naturally, Tomas has his oil with him. Now, some say it’s because he’s helpful and enjoys giving a massage to anyone who needs it. We think Tomas was going to jerk off in the shower, using the oil as lube. Regardless, the handsome hunk gets his hands slippery and starts working on the tattooed twink’s neck. But Tomas can’t resist the feel of Tom’s hot, tight body and soon starts playing with him, teasing the blonde to full arousal. Hairy-chested Tomas drops to his knees to give Tom a blowjob — another way to relieve stress — but soon offers up his own engorged cock for Tom to savor. Twink and hunk trade yet again, with Tomas relieving Tom of a load, draining the jizz from his balls. We’re pretty confident Tom felt MUCH better after that.

Watch Euro jocks Tomas Salek and Tom Uli in the full-length video


Date: May 23, 2018