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Xavi Garcia is unable to resist Attila Kardos


Kristen Bjorn : Flip-flop. Xavi Garcia and Attila Kadros have both been refining their searches for “versatile” only their app searches. Luckily, they were able to connect with each other and put their versatile skills to work. Not only are the guys sexually versatile, but they are opposite in other ways, one hairy, lean and pierced, the other smooth, inked and muscular. The guys meet up and Attila immediately pulls out Xavi’s meaty cock and begins pleasuring it with his hot lips and salivating mouth. Xavi is quickly turned on by Attila’s cock sucking skills and begins to face fuck Attila to see how far he can stretch his limits. Xavi swaps positions with Attila because his hunger for cock is rising and needs to be fed. Excited to get this muscle man’s hot cock into his mouth, Xavi devours Attila’s cock to the point where it looks as if the skin may split if gets any more engorged. Xavi and Attila flip to a 69 position, giving both men the ultimate in oral pleasure simultaneously. With everyone’s cock in everyone’s mouth, Xavi can’t help but look up in admiration of that hot, pink hole staring him in the face, so he does what anyone would do, eat it as if it were your last meal. Since that hot hole is already lubed up it is time to fuck it. Xavi takes Attila from behind and slams his hairy cock deep within Attila’s raw ass. Time to flip and Xavi finds himself on his back, legs spread and Attila coming in deep. Attila pounds his ass deep and hard and Xavi is enthralled with the pleasure rushing throughout his body. Xavi is unable to resist any longer and takes his pulsating cock in hand and begins to stroke out his milky load of cum all over his furry abs. This only encourages Attila to pick up the pace and intensity as he too blows his load of cum all over Xavi’s hefty cock. Attila immediately shoves his cock back into Xavi’s ass so that the remainder of his load is delivered deep within his canal. Flipping and flopping is the name of this game!

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Date: May 28, 2018