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Big-dicked jock Dane raw-fucks Beau at Corbin Fisher


Corbin Fisher: Beau and Dane go way back – Dane had the honor of being the first guy at CF to take Beau’s cock, and so it’s only natural that Dane should finally get the chance to return the favor! These two are rock hard before they even get their hands on each other. Beau’s excited to show off everything he’s learned since their last encounter, and Dane’s ready to have a shot at Beau’s amazing ass. Beau starts by swallowing Dane’s thick cock, getting him nice and wet before climbing up to get Dane inside him all the way to the hilt! These two are both very sensual, giving lovers, and it really shows here as they try to give each other the best possible experience, keeping each other on the edge the whole time, until Beau ends up covered in cum!

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Date: June 26, 2018
Actors: Beau (CF) / Dane (CF)