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Hung daddy Ray Dalton pounds London Bexley’s ass


Dudes Raw: Rise and shine for London Bexley after an intense night of getting plowed by hot tatted Daddy, fuck-master Ray Dalton. As he sneaks away ravenous in the morning light, he pops a couple waffles in the kitchen toaster and impatiently covers them with sticky syrup. Barely getting a chance to cut a piece off with his fork, he notices Ray just behind him, morning wood up and ready for more action. A juicy kiss later, and London’s getting hungry at both ends. Dalton playfully grabs a big chunk of waffle and pops it into his jockstrap just above his straining, swelling cock. Bexley peels down the jock and nibbles on the slice, but now Ray’s done it and made his appetite totally turn to thick juicy man meat. Getting into the game, London drizzles a stripe of syrup from the pubes to the domed tip of daddy’s ample cock and laps up every sticky drop. Not one to be outdone, Dalton picks up the syrup and dribbles a line of sticky sweetness across the young stud’s chest and taut nipples. Smearing it into a sticky glaze, he offers his syrupy fingers to London who eagerly licks the remains. Continue reading…

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Date: June 6, 2018