Sean Cody
Noir Male
Family Cuckolds
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Josh Moore Initiates newcomer Andreo Matteo


CockyBoys. We’re excited and happy to introduce Andreo Matteo as he makes his adult debut with CockyBoys! He’s welcomed by Josh Moore with sweet, sensuous passion…and the dominance Andreo desires. Andreo starts on Josh’s lap and they kiss as Josh’s hands glide over his body and when the time is right Josh stands with Andreo’s legs wrapped around him. Multi-tasker Josh unzips and takes out his cock and as he puts him down, Andreo takes the challenge and swallows him to the root. Josh is impressed by how Andreo pleases him and keeps on going deep-throating him through teary eyes. Josh gives Andreo a break and kindly wipes away his tears and kisses him before sucking him in return. But Andreo soon desires to again please Josh while acrobatically offering up his bubble butt. As Andreo continues to suck deeply, Josh rims and finger fucks him and goes one step more to showing his control by holding him upside down in a standing 69. He lets Andreo down to rim him some more and tease him with his cock but they’re soon both ready to go all the way. Andreo eagerly obeys Josh’s direction and once he starts getting fucked from behind he thrusts his ass back on Josh’s cock with unleashed energy. The harder Josh fucks, the more vocal and uninhibited Andreo gets. He rides Josh mostly to please him but Andreo really is in heaven as Josh pounds him from the side in total control. Finally with Josh pounding him and Andreo working his ass deeper he pumps out a big thick load. But Abdreo isn’t totally satisfied until Josh cums and gives him an big facial. As he licks Josh’s cock and kisses him, Andreo expresses his first time with a satisfied smile ” I loved it ”

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Date: June 20, 2018