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Justin Matthews fucks Ben Masters at CockyBoys


CockyBoys: In his first filmed scene with Cocky Boys (shot prior to his Before The Afterglow episode), Ben Masters is very excited that his debut is with Justin Matthews! Justin is just his type physically and Ben thinks he will take control…which is true right from the start. Justin softly but forcefully makes Ben play with his cock through his jeans using his hand and mouth. When Ben is allowed to take out Justin’s cock, it’s dripping tasty precum. But still, Justin slows down an eager Ben to suck his cock and stroke it the way Justin wants it done. Ben does such a good job Justin has to stop him before he cums. He then devotes time to enjoying Ben’s smooth body and teasing him through his jeans the same way to show Ben how hot it can be. Justin also gives Ben some head in similar fashion before steering him into a hot 69. After getting Justin rock hard Ben just has to sit on it and this time Justin lets him go for it…but still maintains control. Justin’s fucking drives Ben into putting himself into some acrobatic doggy-style sex positions for deep, dominant pounding. When Justin and Ben fuck on their knees Ben finally gets what he craves: Justin lightly choking him. After more position switching Justin takes Ben sideways and chokes him again just the right way to make him shoot his load! Justin gives Ben a mouthful of cum and as they bask in the afterglow, he’s duly impressed with his scene partner: “Ben Masters…The Master”!

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Date: June 1, 2018