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Kingston fucks the cum right out of Beau


Corbin Fisher: Beau really likes Kingston and he also really, really likes to get fucked, so a friendly game of pool quickly turns into an even friendlier romp on the couch. After peeling off Beau’s jeans, Kingston crawls up Beau’s sexy body to give him a taste of his big cock. Beau’s become pretty experienced in his time here at CF, but he’s excited for his shot with Kingston’s massive member, which he handles like a champ before getting bent over and plowed! Moaning and groaning from the skill of Kingston’s fucking, Beau is on cloud nine. After letting Kingston have control for a while, Beau climbs up on his cock to ride it, loving it so much that he actually cums hands free! He’s not done there, though, begging Kingston to keep fucking him until he cums yet again, leaving his hairy abs slick and sticky, right before Kingston glazes his hot ass with his own load!

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Date: June 12, 2018