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Max Duro and Viktor Rom fuck RAW


Kristen Bjorn : Dark Desire. Max Duro and Viktor Rom are both coming off of their big wins at the 2018 Prowler Awards and now want to tackle some of their Dark Desires. In the dimly lit room the master awaits his submissive with full leather mask, leather jock strap and a desire to dominate. Our submissive enters the room in full anticipation of what is to come and what will be. No words are exchanged as Viktor gestures Max into a submissive position on his knees. Max begins to lick at the leather cod piece as it strains to hold its contents. Max is pushed away but grabs onto the leather jock and peels away the cod piece to reveal Viktor’s huge, throbbing cock. Max leans in and can smell the musk of the mixture of leather and sweat, as the aroma fills his nasal cavity his mouth automatically begins to consume Viktor’s cock. Master Viktor forces his cock down Max’s throat as he begins to gag and choke on the monster cock filling his mouth. After a few moments of throat stretching Max moves in and masterfully sucks Viktor’s cock to a rigid readiness. Master Viktor decides to take this to a higher level and pulls out a mammoth, black dildo, which he begins to shove in Max’s mouth and to slap him around with. Max is put onto the table and Viktor attacks his hairy, pink hole with his exploratory tongue. Viktor then takes the dildo and begins to probe Max’s ass. Max gasps for air and tries to control his breathing as his ass is being pried open. Viktor bends Max over the table and shoves his raw cock deep inside of Max, beyond where the dildo was able to reach. Viktor grabs onto Max’s harness and begins fucking him harder and harder with each thrust. Max is flipped onto his back as Viktor continues with his onslaught of slamming his cock in and out of that hot, hairy ass. Sensing Max’s level of stimulation, Viktor has one more trick up his sleeve and grabs the near-by candle and pours the hot liquid wax all over Max’s hairy chest and ripe nipples. As the wax begins to harden Max blows his load of cum. Viktor revels in the fact that he can control a man and when he cums and finds that this only stimulates him more as he blows his creamy load of cum all over that wet, hairy hole. Viktor pulls Max from the table and demands that he clean up his cock with his mouth. In the Dark our deepest Desire awaits us.

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Date: June 1, 2018
Actors: Max Duro / Viktor Rom